Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

I cant believe its the last day of 2009. How time flies. Oh yes,i owe you guys a story oh how the reunion went with my cousins.Well it was fun, i thought i would be bored just like last last year however it was different this time.My cousins were there talking to me and it turns out there are planning a lot of trips next year.They will go to Pagudpod on march,May they will be on Marinduque and on November they are planning to go to Hongkong. Man i wish i could go with them on one of those trips, i'm not really sure if i will have work on those times but ill sure try.

I didn't tell them that I've been kicked out of my job but i just told them that i resigned.I'm kinda ashamed that i'm out of job while they still have one.

To go on with the story, they imitated a game show that they've seen on tv.One needs to guess the word written on the cardboard taped on his head by asking questions, then another one will sit directly in front of the guesser to answer those questions.

It was really funny because we know the answer is right in front of them.We howled by the time that the guesses were really close to the answer. The tips given by my other cousins were really hilarious, saying that the answer is the guessers favorite.But when we asked, it wasn't on the list of th guessers favorite.

The food was delicious and though i tasted everything there, it didn't make me full. I was hungry by the time we got home and craving for something else.

It was a fun night except for all that shouting and singing of Korean songs all through out the evening. Though i don't have anything against Korean music, it just gave me a migraine since it was played full blast and i'm just besides the speaker.

Once we said our goodbyes to everyone surprisingly those who came all the way from Cavite also decided to leave and call it a day.

It was a great night to say the least. Anyways Happy New Year to all.Gotta help with the food preparations.



Personal Lab said...

Happy New Year!

freshnmarine said...

Happy New Year to you and your loved ones!

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