Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Theres nothing like chicken to brighten up my day

Chicken is my comfort food and whenever i am feeling sad and low, i often try and search for restaurants or fastfood that serve chicken meals. My friends joked that i should have wings right now since all they see me eat is chicken. If you see me eating anything else, then theres something really awfully wrong with me. Just kidding lol

KFC is my favorite fastfood chain that serves chicken hot and crispy. Imagine the skin actually gives out a crunch sound when you sink your teeth into it and then the spicy flavor creeping in yuor tongue,making you reach for the nearest ice tea drink that you have in the table. It makes my mouth water just imagining it and my feet would automatically walk to the nearest KFC branch.

If im just hungry then i order the usual chicken meal consisting of one piece of hot and crispy chicken, rice, gravy and a regular iced tea drink.
If im really hungry then i would order up a Fully Loaded meal.It consists of one piece of hot and crispy chicken, rice,mushroom soup,macaroni salad, brownies and one regular drink .

Their gravy plus the spicy chicken is a winning combination ,it sometimes makes me think that I've gone to heaven already and would leave a smile in my face after i finished it all up. Plus its not that expensive, so if youre craving for some chicken lovin then go straight ahead to KFC .The long line will be worth it once you get your meal.

Also if the girl on the counter says that legs and wings are the only piece available, don't settle for it. Say something like this . "How many minutes for the big part ?" They would ask those who cook and they will request for a bigger part just for you. Works like a charm every time.


trail sign said...

kakagutom naman. nilalagnat na ako sa gutom.wahehehe

Trail Sign

yuuki said...

fave ko din KFC hot & crispy, at samahan mo ng extra gravy!

GirL With GLasSes... said...

i love kfc!

especially the original one.

Sansan said...

I love hot shots!

nvtellan said...

Got my KFC craving fulfilled just yesterday. After reading this, now I want some more.

HC1 (hot and crispy, 1 piece) please. with 1 extra rice and regular iced tea.
Oh and I prefer the thigh part. Willing to wait if not available.

aya said...

@ trail sign

sabi ko nga e kaya pala di mo na tinapos basahin

@yuuki sinabi mo pa kakagutom lalo

@girl with glasses mag spicy ka na din hehehe

panalo yun shoot lalo ako nagkecrave ahahahaha

aya said...


ako din lagi ko sinasabi ko lagi willing to wait basta big part bigay nila sakin

hay havent had any chicken for today hmmm baka next week lol

Sansan said...

waaaah! gugutom pa man din ako ngayon at talaga namang binasa ko ulit.. nyahahaha gaya gaya si nv :P

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