Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hats off to the Bloggers

I've just recently been reintroduced to blogging by my Tp friends and though i have been blogging way way back, it was just now that i have been actively posting everyday. It was nerve wracking in a way because i have to think of something interesting to blog about. Let me tell since i am just here at home, you can imagine how boring my life is, stuck here everyday.

Since i have a lot of ads to click and PTC sites to visit, i have glimpsed a lot of interesting blogs everyday .I must say i am amazed on their creativity,their patience as well on their skill just to make their blog very interesting to those who visit. I usually get stuck to their page reading something that i thought i would never find. If not for the time limit i have on the pc , (i share the pc with my dad and bro) i would have spent my day browsing every one of them.

So i would just like to salute all the active bloggers out there who makes blogging something to be proud of .Those who rack their brains everyday to bring laughter and something new online. For the new gadgets, information and widgets that they find and share to everybody to make blogging exciting and easy.

They have continued to inspire me to work harder and to make my blog as interesting and as good as it can be.Keep blogging guys!!!

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