Friday, December 25, 2009

Experimental Gelatin

Remember that I've told you guys that were going to make gelatin yesterday.Well we did and the first time was so bad that we decided to just throw some of it and make a new one. We bought the ready to mix powder type about ten pesos each and decided that we would try out the grape flavor first.

We mix it with the 6 cups of water and then added evaporated milk and sugar in it. Stirred it and put it in the stove to boil. The color was very weird, you know the color of the water you used to clean your dishes and then there are bubbles of soap, that was how it looked like. We tried to taste it however we were kinda grossed out on what it turned out plus with my brother laughing so hard.I didn't get to analyze the taste of it.For me it tasted weird.

We tried it the 2nd time and tried the strawberry flavor.It looked normal enough but we havent tasted it yet. It is still in the freezer waiting to be tasted. Any volunteers? lol


yuuki said...

i'm kinda on a diet so i'll pass... LOL

i prefer to use the gelatin bar instead of the powdered one...

Thet said...

Wow.... Gelatin is one of my favorite dessert. Well, I must prepare this as well on New Year...Thanks for the recipe SK :)

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