Monday, December 21, 2009

Reunion with my Cosmo friends

Sorry i wasnt able to blog yesterday. There was a surprise get together and since i haven't seen those guys for a couple of months, I've decided to meet up with them in Trinoma which ended at Gateway in cubao.

Its funny really, all our meetings somehow starts and ends with coffee. I often joke that it is our official sponsor and that it would be lonesome if we don't have any cafe to go to.If walls can talk , i bet every branch of Starbucks, Gloria jeans or coffee bean have a lot of stories to tell on those encounters and since its cosmo its something that is bound to be Rated PG or 18 lol

Anyways, It was as usual, filled with laughter with me mostly thinking about something else (read: greenminded) and me eating chicken (again?!) Ive missed how we have this connection,all talking at the same time, laughters that i think will be heard all throughout the cafe,gossiping about the latest girl that's making us all pissed off and the latest carnal or green thing that we have heard.

I was astonished that the issues that happened eons ago is still being talked about as if it happened just yesterday. I found myself on the hot seat as some old but very popular issue was brought to a table and i think that i may have been red as a tomato at that time.

Meeting somebody new and knowing that she too knows about it makes me think that i am being measured from head to toe. Its like i'm naked and she is there seeing everything. I'm not really sure what she is thinking now that she met me and have seen how i reacted to those issues.

I bet my life that it will somehow come to the attention of somebody else therefore making an old news new again. Oh well i guess it will be a part of everyday gossip...As one of my friends say, While you're young, do something foolish so when you grow old, you have something to laugh about. I think this is one of those things that i should just laugh about.

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