Thursday, December 24, 2009

New microwave finally!

Finally i can have my food reheated without putting it in a pot and heating it through the stove.The problem is i have to drag the extension cord from the sala down to the kitchen ahahaha. Anyways, we decided to get an American Home microwave Oven for 2,750 pesos versus the LG microwave that retails for 3,000 pesos.

It kinda looks like the picture above except for it being white and brand new lol. After our dad brought it home, we were like children with a new toy to play with. We bought a microwaveable popcorn earlier so we immediately put it inside and watch the popcorn bag expand and the popcorns pop.

When we open the popcorn bag, we smelled how delicious it is and attacked it with gusto. I think we ate all of it within 5 minutes or so. We combined eating the popcorn with m and m chocolates to combat the salty taste.

We're already getting excited on what other things we can heat on the microwave and im happy that i can finally heat my pizzas on a "microwave" yipeeee.

Anyways ill be trying my hand on those gelatins and i hope that it will be edible *crossing fingers* If not theres always a pain killer on the kitchen. hmm maybe i should get it ready just in case ahahaha. Wish me luck guys hehehhe

Till next time :P

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