Sunday, December 06, 2009

Alternate Way to verify plus withdraw funds from your Paypal Account.

Gosh i just found out that Smart Money cant be used to withdraw funds from Paypal since you will need to have a bank account linked to it. So i researched another way and this is what i did found out.

Get an E-wallet from Union Bank (yep same bank lol!) Since this is only available to those who already have an exisiting account with them,you will need to open an account to them with a minimum deposit of 10,000 pesos. Only then will you have the option to choose if you would want a passbook or an E-wallet to go with it.

One of the advantages of having an E-wallet is that it is an atm card and debit card as well plus there are no annual fees to be paid and it can earn interest when it reaches 25,000 yipeee.

Now i just need to figure out if they will accept my company id as my 2nd valid id ahahahhaa

Gosh whats with me and id's and application forms...


solidus37 said...

Nothing's wrong with you. Its too much bureaucracy that is

Anonymous said...

You can verify and withdraw funds using Union Banks's EON Card instead of E-Wallet. There is no minimum deposit fee. The card fee is just P150. :) fellow TP-forumer here.

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