Saturday, December 12, 2009

Clearance Time

Its been a couple of weeks since I've lost my work and slowly but surely I've come to accept that regardless of what happened, there is something good that came out of it. First i don't need to hustle anyone just so i can spend the holidays here at home.2nd i dont have to hurry up so i wont be late and 3rd, i dont have to deal with the pressure of office politics.

When i visited the office to have my clearance , it seems that nothing have changed so far.Ive been greeted by a couple of officemates,who were quite surprised to know that my transfer to workforce has not been that successful.They were sympathetic and asked for my number so they can inform me if there were good positions that i can fill. I'm not really sure if they're genuine or not but i decided that theres nothing wrong accepting help from somebody who have offered it.

Ive learned from a supe that my manager needs to be the one who initiates my clearance so i called him up and was informed that i can extend my stay in the office as a floating employee,the catch is that i wont be paid anymore.I was given a time to think however i decided to just proceed with the clearance so my severance pay can be processed.

He said that it is ok and i can leave everything to him.He said that he will just text me when its time to have my exit interview.

Anyways i can always reapply when there is a an opening there.

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