Monday, December 07, 2009

From Being employed to being an applicant

Since i was so used to being a regular employee, i find it strange to apply again and be among those who sit on the lounge waiting for their names to be called.It was also nerve wracking to sit among others, not knowing anybody, while i just play with my phone.

Taking the pre -employment test is something that i have not done for a long time.It took me a while to get my rhythm and to concentrate on the questions and not what my sit mate is doing.Its like going back to school since the test included questions on grammar, reading comprehension and my most dreaded subject math.

Good thing i am almost used to calculating problems that involves percents since i always have to compute when buying a book on sale.

I was just concerned that after finishing the test , i was given the standard "we'll call you" and that i can go home already. I know im just being pessimistic or being overly concerned however its seems i didnt give it my best shot.

Oh well my application is still marked "under consideration" so i guess i still have a shot on getting hired.If not its back to square one for me.


GirL With GLasSes... said...

hello aya, my name is jing =)

good luck with your job hunting. i know how it feels taking exams.

krisel said...

Hi there aya, good luck with your job hunting!

you know what? two more months to go and I'll be facing the same situation as you have right now. it's really a mixed feeling.

trail sign said...

hello aya,
oh well, as the french proverb says,
“A girl unemployed is thinking of mischief.”
hehe. cheer up! a long way a head of you friend. God bless

aya said...

thanks jing take care :)


yeah i know its like waking up to a dream thats not yours.good luck to both of us then

@trail sign

yep im always up to mischief though ahahaha.thanks i know :)

solidus37 said...

ok lang bang tagalugin ko. Wag kang maniniwala doon Hindi ka na nila tatawagan. Tatawanan ka na lag daw nila har har har. Sa iba ka na lang mag apply or tingin tayo sa ibang kumpanya na mas tatanggap sa yo.

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