Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Stressed out

Since im out of job for a couple of weeks now.I remembered how stressful it is to be at home . For starters, since im here 24/7 what i do on the net is seen and for them it seems like a pathetic way to spend time on. I am again a subject of their criticisms like i need to do something useful for a change in my life. I need to change my boyfriend since a. he doesnt have the good looks that they wanted b. he doesnt show any effort to get to know them and c. he is out of work just like me.

I also need to have a dream.Since right now for them, i don't have any.I think for them to consider that i have a dream, i would need to have the yearning to go abroad. Umm yeah riiiiiight.I know being a parent means hoping for the best for their children.However i am getting tired of this "phrase" being thrown in my face every time. Maybe the news can have a headline like "recession hit every country in the world so wherever you go people are losing jobs" so they can get the hint.

Sure i have dreams of my own however due to me being the eldest i have this responsibility to help my family and give them half of my paycheck everytime i get my pay.

I have to think of my family first before i do something else.

As a girl i need to learn how to cook. I need to look like an innocent being that is void of green thoughts and impurities. I also have the responsibility to look for a boyfriend who they think will look good when im beside him.Someone who will be here everyday and be at my beck and call. Someone who will shower me gifts, compliments and has a lot of money.

Having a prince charming like that, yeah that would be cool. However i am not a Disney princess that is in dire need for a prince charming. I have my own money, i don't need and want a guy to hang around with me all day like he has no life of his own. I already met guys like that and it is so suffocating that i ran for the nearest exit.

So when can i think of myself and for myself...your guess is as good as mine.

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