Saturday, December 12, 2009

Just Ranting

Its hard to realize that after working hard learning something that you can call your own, somebody decides that its theirs to take.I felt betrayed, hurt and somehow disappointed that somebody whom i think is sane,has the guts and the stomach to put down people for the sake of their own vanity and insatiable desire for power and attention.

I am not the type to just wreck other people's reputation just because i want to nor do i speak ill of others just so i can feel that i have control. If i do speak ill of anybody its because i have experienced being tricked or used by them.

Fighting someone is not something i am used to and much as i can hold it, i try to maintain a sense of peace on my surroundings regardless of what i feel. If not it will be pretty easy to tell based on how my face looks like when i'm speaking to that particular person.

I am a straightforward person and i'm easy to get along with.I don't befriend anyone because of their status in life, i befriend them because i feel that we have something in common.

I am not sure if what had happened to me is some sort of good or bad karma.What i am sure about is that i am not wishing those people ill.I believe that whatever you have done will eventually come back to you.Whether it is good or bad will depend on the actions you have taken.It may be subtle or it can affect you so much.

Right now im just thankful that regardless of what had happened to me, when i go back in the office.I'll be welcomed by those who truly knows and cares for me.

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Grampy said...

Sounds like a little office problem.Most of the time they will go away over the weekend.People get very uptight toward the end of the week.And with the way the economy is everyone is worrying about their job.I hope things turn out well for you.
Have a good Weekend

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