Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My wishlist

Since Christmas is the season for giving and getting presents *cross fingers* ive listed some of the things that i would want to have as presents or something that i would want to give to myself hehehe.

i already have the first 3 books and i love it so much that i would love to read the rest of this addicting series.I havent seen the tv adaptation yet since i like to finish the rest of the books before comparing it to the adaptation.

It is very different from the Twilight Series and from the Morganville Series (yeah i know im addicted to vampires right now lol) that it deserves its very own spot on my book shelf.

This one of the earlier works of Charlaine Harris and since i love her True blood Series ,i would love to get my hands on this book and check if this is as exciting as the Series.

Ive seen the hardcover version of the book and it costs 999.00 pesos gasps! versus this one that only costs about 800 plus pesos.

Ive regretted that i haven't grabbed it when I've seen it at National Bookstore because I've just recently been there and its gone *sob*

Mini Led light clip on for Books

I have seen it being sold on Powerbooks and on FullyBooked and since i didnt have any luck finding any image on the net, i might as well just describe it. Its a mini lamp that i can clip on my book so i can read without having to turn on my room's light, which will be seen by my dad resulting to me having to turn it off and try to sleep.

Yeah, im an insomniac so if i cant sleep i'll probably try to reread a book from my collection of romantic,supernational and kinda erotic books.

So anyways these are some of the Most wanted gifts that i would want and if someone is kind enough to give it to me as present ......Just kidding hehehe... im sounding desperate am i ?....
Man i need to sleep this off.

Advance Merry Xmas everybody !!!! Mwah

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