Tuesday, December 29, 2009

a birthday bash with a scare on the side.

As promised, i went to the birthday bash of a very good friend held in Cuba Libre somewhere in Shaw Boulevard. Since i wasnt able to eat before going out, we first went to eat dinner in Shangrila Mall. The place is nearly vacant except for us and some others whom i think is still trying to complete their Christmas gift list.

We decided to eat Wendys and i ordered a spicy chicken meal while they ordered in a burger meal. The meal didn't really satisfied my cravings and my hunger but off we went to to bar for the birthday bash. We greeted our friend and i sat beside my friends best friend to catch up on what is going on with her.

After a couple of minutes,drinks were ordered along with a couple of plates of sisig. I'm not really a drinker so i just opted for a glass of iced tea. Pictures were taken cosmo style and i switched seats to be on the action as well.

We talked about everything and anything that caught our attention including the singer whom we all thought was a hooker since she has a very very short dress or a stand up comedian because of the weird way she laughs.

I think the party ended around 12 midnight and then we tried searching for a new place to hang out preferably Starbucks. Since it was Sunday, most of their branches are closed saved for their branch in Metrowalk. So we split up, the birthday girl going home to sleep while the others still have work in a couple of hours leaving me and my two friends.

We boarded a taxi and luckily found seats for ourselves.We ordered a much needed fix of their delicious coffee to chase away the sleepiness and a croissant since im hungry.

We talked,laughed and swap stories about the love,life and the friendship we have up until now not to mention the hurt, pain and realities of falling in love with a wrong guy or trusting someone whom you thought is your friend.

When it was past 5am, we decided to take our leave but not before posing for another picture just like above*i'm the one in the middle by the way hehehhe. We walked from Metrowalk to Megamall whew all the while reminiscing how fantastic the day went for us.

Suddenly when we are about to cross the street , we saw someone lying unconscious on the ground. His shoes were far away from him and his things scattered all over the place. A couple of bystanders walked to the man,examining him and shouted for help. A traffic enforcer came by and some other curious motorist stop by the scene.

It seemed that the man was a victim of a hit and run by a jeepney. It was 6am at that time and we found ourselves unable to cross the street fearing the same could happen to us. A cigarette vendor helped us cross the street, signalling for motorist to stop so we can make our way on the other side. We also asked him directions on how to get to mega mall since we were distracted by what we saw.

We proceeded with caution after thanking the vendor .We resumed our girlish talks and continued walking on the direction he pointed to us. After i think 15 minutes of walking,we reached our destination and since i live on the north and other one in Cavite.We parted ways while me and my other friend got on a bus bound for Monumento.

Since i was not able to eat a proper breakfast, i was nauseous by the time we boarded the bus so i was quiet at the time.When i got home i texted my bf letting him know im safe and home then slept.I woke up around 2pm in the afternoon.I was supposed to meet a friend but then thats another story to tell.

Till tomorrow then Mwah!


Thet said...

cutie pix.. Like the color of your eyes as well :)

aya said...

Thanks thet. most of my pics that night was cute.Maybe it was because i was really having fun and amongst those who really know me weheheh .

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