Friday, December 18, 2009

Sore all Over

Remember that i told you guys yesterday that our Nintendo Wii arrived yesterday? Well we tried almost every game there up until dinner time and my hands are shaking when i tried lifting my spoon to eat.

The boxing game was fun and knocking my bro and my dad twice in a row is even more hilarious . With all the feet movement and jabbing that I've done for 30 minutes , my arms felt heavy and up until now i can still feel a little bit of pain when i tried to move around.

We also played bowling, baseball and canoeing. Bowling is a cool game and since my dad plays bowling in real life, he cant help but join in the fun when we played. He scored a couple of strikes and some nice spares wherein my brother scored last when the scores were announced at the end of the game.

When the time comes that we tried baseball, i was being striked out when i was that batter.Quite tiring really. Canoeing ....well don't ask. Since i don't have any sense of direction whatsoever, i always find myself out of the trail and into the other side.

I'm now interested on finding out how much Wii Fit will cost me since I've been hearing a lot of good reviews about it. Will also try to look for a Wii version of Monster Hunter since my boyfriend loves playing that on his PSP.

Anyways its time to play again.hehheehe

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