Friday, January 01, 2010

At home with my future inlaws

It was the first day of year 2010 and what a way to start the new year than to attend the annual family reunion of my boyfriend.Since most of his titos and tita already know me as well as his cousins, i agreed to drop by at his place and he will meet me at the nearest mall.

I arrived at the meeting place near lunch time so when we got to his place .Everything was all set and we'll just sit down and eat. His aunt was there and immediately told me not to be shy and just eat. Everytime they notice my plate is empty ,they will gesture for my boyfriend to refill it with fresh shrimps,talaba and spicy milkfish.

By the time i finished eating, i can feel my dress getting tight near the belly area and sure enough when i look i can see my stomach stretching the fabric. I think the whole time i was there, i am always have a plate filled with either salad,spaghetti or shrimps.

I was put on the hot seat when he left me on their dining table to help his sister fix her laptop.His uncles quiz me if i still have my helmet on and if i haven't awoken yet. I was still laughing by the time my bf got back and he answered his uncle for me saying that the helmet he put on me is very durable and cant be broken that easily.

They also quiz my bf asking him questions like what is he waiting for since we've known each other for more than 3 years.That is why when we are talking on my way home, he asked me which i prefer,a civil or a church wedding.

Before we left, his cousin took pictures of the whole family including me.Its as if i'm already part of their family hehehhe.

Despite my lack of sleep, it was an enjoyable day since i was able to be with him plus i was also able to give him my gift. A dilbert calendar filled with cartoons,quizzes and trivia that he can solve.

He also gave me a gift, the next book of the Sookie Stockhouse series titled Dead to the World. Now i will know what happened next heheheh.
Cant wait to read the book but since i'm about to doze of in front of the pc, i might as well catch some much needed zzzzs.

See yah tomorrow! Mwah!

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