Sunday, January 10, 2010

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I consider myself a researcher before a shopper in a sense that i try to gather everything there is on a product that i intend to buy. The reason is that i would want to  invest on something that would make me happy and content, it would be a waste if i would buy something so extravagant only to realize in the end that i was not satisfied right?

Since i am on a pc everyday researching and browsing, i found a website that would be of great help to consumers who would want to "do their homework" before spending their hard earned cash. It is designed for Australian citizens however i found the general  information there to be useful regardless of the location of the consumer.

Shopwiki Au  is the site that i am talking about.It is not part of Wikipedia however it does use the wiki software, enabling users to edit or add information that may be valuable to consumers in the future.

 I was looking on the digital cameras guide  and found it educational because i know little about digital cameras. I know how to shoot pictures with it however im not that familiar on the features that would most suit me if i do decide to buy one.

The guide explains why you would want one,the features to look out for, the type of cameras and my favorite,the jargons area.Furthermore, it also provides you with the prices and the stores that carries the camera of your choice.

 It is perfect for those who have the urge to buy and yet doesn't have anything specific in mind. So visit their site, im sure you'll all appreciate the information that they have just like i do.

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