Monday, January 25, 2010

Application for a passport

Since im planning to go abroad, i decided to go ahead and apply for a passport. I was accompanied by a new friend of mine who thought that his passport is due today, turns out that he will be able to claim it the next day. He was kind enough to guide me on the tedious process of applying for one, even giving me vital information to save me the time and money. 

The line is long and fortunately the process is not as frustrating as when applying for an NBI clearance.We started the process about 10 am and i was able to finish the first phase near eleven so it was fast. I was scared to find that i have to go back there for the verification of requirements but i was assured that it wouldn't take long.

Hopefully i would not have any problem on the 2nd phase since i am planning to have it process for 7 days for  an additional 250 pesos and hiring either LBC,2go or Air21 to have it delivered at my house. 

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