Monday, January 18, 2010

Worse Day Ever

I have just spent 5 hours  in Victory Mall just so i can renew my NBI clearance. It was exhausting ,tiring and i think i may have developed a phobia for long lines. You see, i though that having a copy of my last NBI clearance wouldnt take me long.I tried renewing my clearance on a mobile office located in Park Square however since the barcode on my copy is not readable,  they refer me to the main office. 

The personnel from Park Square said that i am to go there and go directly to Step 5.Well when i did go to the main office,I have to wait in line for an hour just so i can i go inside, once in there i decided to go to Step 5.However they informed me i have to go to step 4 to have my picture taken again. 

when i did reach the counter to have my picture taken, i was informed to have my copy validated. So i have to go to the validation area,since there are two types of validation, i proceeded to the 1st. Turns out i have to go to the 2nd one which is for those who applied on a mall for renewal. 

After i passed the validation, i was asked again to proceed to  Step 4 to have my image recaptured then to Step 5 counter where i was stuck for an hour. There i was informed to return on Jan 21. 

Good thing i met two loony guys whom I've talked to when i was stuck in line otherwise i would have literally died waiting. The other guy was asked to go back again on the same date as me, the other im not really sure. 

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