Saturday, January 09, 2010

New curves

Yep i am a new woman now thanks to Laybare Libis Branch lol. Nah i didn't go there to avail of their Brazillian wax , i just tagged along because my friends have standing appointments for that particular service .Since i was there already, i decided to have my eyebrows threaded. My eyebrow needs a bit of maintenance since it was a couple of months already and they have no shape at all.

Even though it wasn't my first time, it still hurt. I can feel every hair being pulled by the thread and i was just thankful that the attendant was skilled and fast so it didn't hurt that long. she cautioned me not to was the area for 4 hours and put an antibacterial ointment on it. 

When i looked at my brows, they looked  decent enough.My face somehow changed since it made me look more professional and polished.The whole process took about 15 minutes or less so i was left on the reception area to wait for my other friends to finish up. 

You may wonder how women can take all those pain right.Its not that were masochistic girls who gets off feeling pain. Its just, as they say the price to pay to be beautiful 

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yuuki said...

i prefer threading also because im such a lazy person, it last at least a month on me (dont know with the others)...and the pain, it's bearable but cant help my tears to fall every time...

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