Thursday, January 28, 2010

Honest mechanics where are you ?

Having my own ride is something that i would want to have in the near future.I figure that owning an automobile would make my life easier and would teach me a thing or two on memorizing places. I was used to commuting and even though it would take me to my desired destination, i would be on the losing end if those drivers decided to take a rest and leave passengers like me stranded. 

I am no expert when it comes to cars and even recognizing their brand is something that i am having difficulty with, i think the only brand that i do recognize is a Honda Civic which is what my best friend owns. He is so far the only person that i trust to tell me about the best, cheapest or the most durable car on the market.Some are only concern on how the car would look like and how they can attract chicks with it so i dare not ask them about cars. 

 He recently took his car to a mechanic to have the head gasket checked and when i asked him how the check up went and how much it cost, he just pulled out his empty wallet and sigh.Now i know why he cant eat that much , it was because of that and the recent modifications that he had done to his car. 

Based on what i do hear about from my other guy friends, maintaining a car is itself a challenge of logic and vanity. It will also drain you of whatever savings that you have if and when the car brakes down when you least expect it.They have also mentioned that coercing a car owner into buying something useless for his car is the most common scheme of repair shops nowadays.Some are fortunate enough to realize that they have been tricked while others remain in secrecy,not having the courage to complain and be humiliated.So having a mechanic who is honest enough to fix it without overcharging is something that is rare to come by. 

I chanced upon a site that looks promising and can be a great help to car enthusiasts and for those dreaming to have one of their own. It has a search engine for Los Angeles auto repair  shops with the most positive feedbacks of satisfied customers.They also keep your information so you wont have to repeat yourself everytime you go there. Its like having a trusty advisor who knows a great deal about you and how to handle your problems. 

Too bad its not located here, otherwise i would have recommended my friend to go there. 

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