Saturday, January 09, 2010

Lovin the groove of Jason Mraz

There are a lot of artists emerging one after another,their music is as hypnotic as their personality.They gain a lot of fans and when its time to hear them sing live...You wonder if you've been duped because the voice you are hearing is so far fetched from the voice that you have listened over and over from their cd. 

Most of the artists nowadays have their own voices remixed so it is really a big treat for fans if they have an idol who has an amazing voice regardless if its live or recorded.One such artist is Jason Mraz. I have watched his videos on youtube and wow he can really sing.His voice is the same or even better when he is singing his songs live on concerts.

For me he is someone who sings from the heart because every emotion on the song is something that everyone can relate to. It talks of poignant experiences that may have happened to others and it is written in a way that illustrates the pain and somehow the irony of the situation itself. 

The way he uses the words and somehow making every little thing connected to it is amazing.To listen to him adlib his way when he is still adjusting his guitar ,making up stories to just play with the audience makes me feel that he is a genuine person whom you can really reach out to and grab by the hand.  

His humor is infectious and the subjects are not really funny in itself but is something that is usually ignored unless it is pointed out. It makes you think and laugh off things that bothers you. 

When it comes to his music, for me it is something that will make you think of the sun, ocean and travelling. Ive often had his songs played when im travelling since it makes me feel relaxed and eager for the journey ahead. Sometimes, it makes me reminisce of the loves i lost along the way, the pain that i felt at that time and how i found myself again. Oftentimes it just makes me laugh out loud on how the heck he made something really ordinary into something that tickled the imaginations of the audience who is listening to his songs. 

If i would have the chance to just corner him and talk to him, i would be thrilled to take off ....umm not his clothes....although that would be satisfying as well, his hat and just seat with him to peak into his mind just so i can figure out how he makes something really amazing. 


Thet said...

He's one of my favorite now adays.

aya said...

yep uber bubbly ng personality plus ganda ng boses

Mga Epal said...

not big fans but we'll listen to whatever "chicks" are into! wahaha!


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