Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Addicted with Sookie Stackhouse

I have been reading a lot of vampire themed books lately.Starting with Twilight and after i finished reading the 4 books on that saga, i began to search for other books that has the same theme. I found a lot of books and one of them is the Southern Vampire Series ,which is now known as either the Sookie Stackhouse series or Trublood Series. 

I havent seen the series yet but im finding the book very addicting and i'm unable to put it down. I am fascinated with the lead character Sookie because she always tries to do the right thing regardless if it would lead to trouble. It is also funny how she attracts the attention of every supernatural being, having two vampires attracted to her, a fairy for a protector( sort of), a werewolf trying to court her, a were panther who thinks she is a suitable breeding partner,a shifter(her boss) having hidden desires for her and most recently a weretiger wanting to date her. 

Anyways,I had just finished the 5th book and it was so fantastic that ive finished reading it after an hour.Since i so wanted to read the next one, i went to a bookstore earlier to get it .I didn't wrote the title so i bought the wrong book, should have bought definitely dead instead of the all together dead one so im off to the book store next week to buy the right one this time. 

I also bought her other book, A Touch of Dead, which contained short stories on Sookie as well. I was so lucky to have found it since all the other branches just had the Hard bound Version of it. I would have wanted to read it after i finished the 8 books but lets see if i can hold out that long. hehehhee

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