Saturday, January 23, 2010

Awaiting Take off

I was offered a job in U.A.E by a good friend of mine and since the deal is going to be sealed by March, i have a month to find a part time job so i have something that will give me some sort of income. I have received my backpay and although it is enough for me to survive for a couple of months, imagining the amount to become smaller and smaller is something that i want to avoid. 

I have a couple of applications that is still pending and if fate permits i would want to work a little while before eventually going abroad. Actually going abroad to work is something that just lingers on my mind from time to time. It still depends on the work offered since the job description given isnt specific enough for me to figure out what to really prepare myself for. Plus the nagging conversations that me and my boyfriend had is making me consider that there are a lot of things that i really need to think about before plunging myself into something that i know nothing of. 

Im not exactly sure where i'll end up in the end, im torn and though i have decided to go there, i really really wanted to be sure that it would be the best offer that i have. As ive said to a friend, im not pessimistic im just being realistic. 

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solidus37 said...

take it easy. You will get what you want after

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