Friday, January 29, 2010

Disappointed over Legion

This movie is on my list to be watched this 2010. The trailer was fantastic and i was thrilled because i was kinda getting sick of the vampire mania.

Since i dont have the funds to watch any movies i decided to watch it from a pirated dvd. The movie started out dark and its not because its pirated, i barely saw anything and i was expecting it to be full of angels(how naive of me) but what i did get is an angel who tried to pass off as a human.

Turns out he saw how mankind still has a few good men and doesn't want to give up on them yet. I was laughing when he said that Gabrielle (messenger of God) is so eager to please because i remembered the Gabrielle from Constantine who is greedy for Power.

Anyways its not really what i expected it to be, the movie is kinda dragging and is lingering on almost every character, most probably so we the audience can understand why he wanted to save humanity from being destroyed. The action started near the end and its not really something that will make you jump out of your feet and say "wow".The fight scene...a wingless angel who switched sides now armed with a gun ...well you cant win against an angel who protects himself with his bullet proof wings right. 

If they have wanted to show the audience a different side of the angels, they certainly did show how bad they can be just so they can uphold the greater good. This movie is definitely not for those who wants action and those who are bored easily. But if you wanted to just have a glimpse of bad angels, you can sleep it off and just have your seat mate wake you up before credits roll in. 

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Vera said...

I know at least one other person who was disappointed too. i haven't see this but I remember seeing the movie Gabriel and I think the concept is quite the same. It was also super dark.

By the way, your moving background is so cool!

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