Friday, January 22, 2010

Think before Spending

Money is something that needs to be earned and for you to possess a staggering amount, hard work, perseverance and sacrifices are needed. A lot of us look at money as something that needs to be used the moment it lands on our hands, its as if it would expire the moment we take it out of bank. 

I do not understand how some can think like that and live for many years, slowly becoming a slave of debt, living a life of extravagance that they cant afford in reality. I often advised my officemates to save money, to have at least savings of their own so they can survive for months if  they lose their jobs. However those fail to reach their ears ,even if they do try to follow my advice they have no money to put on banks since they are already promised to the creditors. 

Since i consider myself a good handler when it comes to money, i try to learn as much as i could so i can be secure and my assets (if any) are protected in the future.

Insurance  for me is a worthy investment for someone who would want security after their prime years, it is something that would sustain you when you are already on the verge of retiring. It is also one way of making your money grow, faster than when you deposit it on the bank. 

The type of insurance depends on the lifestyle of the consumers and what they specifically can afford.It is of utmost importance that the term chosen is something that would not be a burden to them , instead it should give them breathing space to invest on other things or to go on their everyday lives as if nothing has changed. 

The coverage is also something that should be taken into consideration, the rates should equal the coverage that you agreed to otherwise the rates will be hollow and will not fully protect you when the times that you need it the most. 

So now that I've given you something to think about.Think before spending all those cash. You have earned it and you deserve to enjoy it the right way and at the right time. 


Bubble Deck said...

We should really think about the way we're gonna handle our finances. Money cannot buy everything but it can definitely give you something to put in your mouth when you're hungry.

By the way I added your link to my site. Check it in my links page. Could you please add me too? Thank you.

aya said...

i completely agree with you there Bubble Deck,we should really pay attention on our finances so we can get somewhere. :)

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