Thursday, January 07, 2010

My Dream house

I am a fan of the MTV cribs and seeing artists with mansions that they call home often makes me wonder if i will ever get the chance to have one property under my name.Considering how the economy is today and the lack of the steady income on my part well, its is kinda far fetched today to have a mansion.Nevertheless, one can always dream right ?  So with the pictures still fresh on my mind, i searched on the net for a home that is as grand and luxurious as the one ive seen on the tv and this is what i came up with.

I found this picture on the net and instantly fell inlove with the place, who wouldnt be right ? The place is magnificent, the view is breathtaking and i could very well imagine a princess peering on the balcony ,waiting  for a shooting star to fall so she could wish for a prince charming to sweep her off her feet 

Since i was in awe and caught up with this picture in drew in my head, i found myself craving to see some more pictures of this place.I searched for the source  and found that it is one of the properties being sold on Paradise Valley Real Estate.It is said to  have exclusive resorts and golf courses available for the enjoyment of its residents,which included some of the legendary stars that has graced the covers of magazines and papers


I researched some more and found the view of some of the houses to be the Camelback Mountain which is considered to be the Landmark icon of the Phoenix,Arizona .This mountain  offers four different trails with varying degrees of difficulty from easy to strenuous, you can bite-off as much as your time allows.Those facts made me even more starstruck with the place and since the site is user-friendly and has MLS Virtual Mapping,it allowed me to view the houses like never before, as if i was i really there. 

After i exhausted myself looking at all the pictures of the properties they sell, i decided to bookmark their site and take note of the Holm Group in Scottsdale , Arizona as one of the places to visit when i do go to America. Maybe i'll purchase one of their houses when i get to be a millionaire since they represent  buyers and sellers alike in a variety of transactions all over the Valley.

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