Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My first date

Hi nikogirl i am so sorry for entering my link and forgetting my post. Anyways as promised....

I am not really sure on when my first date really took place but what i do remember is that my ex took me to fastfood chain then afterwards he decided to take me to a nearby park.Guess what that park is Luneta Park. 

We would set up all the newspapers in the area chosen and then lie on it under a nearby tree while talking about sweet nothings. Its kinda cheap i know but it was what he can afford at that time just so we can be together. I remember going there every Sunday from morning and then leaving when its about to get dark. 

I was always afraid of what my dad would say back then,his suspicions always being confirmed afterwards when i am unable to answer some of his questions. I felt like they were being foolish back then, always putting me in line however i do understand their concern since teenage pregnancy is rampant at the time.

We were like that for almost 6 yrs sneaking around, eventually i got tired and broke up with him much to the delight of my parents. I saw the flaws that my parents did  however i never did forget his perfections,the traits that made me fall in love for him. 

My ex is now married with a little girl named Cherish Jamie while i am happily in a relationship with a guy that i love to bits. 

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Wilmaryad O'Scallas said...

All is well that ends well, apparently :)

Very nice blog, miss delightful ;)

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