Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Legend of the Seeker

Im not usually addicted to series especially since im only at home during the weekends,neither is my dad. I think it started when he found a series that caught his attention.The series is The Legend of the Seeker, it is based on a book by Terry Goodkind about a man destined to save mankind from the Dark ruler Lord Rahl. 

The story has amazing twist and turns so im sure that you'll be addicted to it since you can download the series using Torrent. Anyways we just finished the 1st season even before it is telecaston tv and now were on Season Two. Cant wait to watch episode 9. 

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Vera said...

I love the series, I watched the marathon on the SciFi channel last Christmas. I wrote about it too: http://verabear.net/2009/12/legend-of-the-seeker/

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