Friday, January 15, 2010

High on chocolates

Since i am hungry right now, my mind is swarming with thoughts on what  to eat next when i get the urge to stand up. My supposed dinner is in the kitchen and since im nearer to the ref, i figured i'll just munch on something while im here in front of the pc.  

Chocolates...yeah we have lots of those lying around since Christmas,so much that i havent had much choice on what to east in between meals. Its either you go to the trouble of going to the grocery to buy a lot of junk foods or you just dig into the chocolate bars.So chocolate it is. 

The kind of chocolates that i do like are the dark ones, im not particularly fond of sweet gooey ones that will make my blood sugar soar above the ceiling after a bite and im not friends with the white ones either.Ive read that the dark types are healthier compared to their sweet siblings and even contains nearly 8 times the amount of antioxidants found on strawberries. 

It is also said that a small bar of these everyday can help lower the bad cholesterols by up to 10 percent and can also lower high blood pressure. Your heart will thank you too because eating it releases substances that triggers endorphin productions, making you feel giddy and happy.It also contains serotonin which acts as an anti depressant. 

So the next time that you feel the need to indulge on sweets , try reaching for the ones often ignored. The dark ones, your body will thank you for it . 

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