Monday, January 04, 2010

Im now visible

Since Yuuki has a blog post about having her Page Rank increased from PR2 to PR3, i was curious if i will have any PR at all.I was surprised that i have, instead of the usual n/a, a PR 1 site. I checked a couple of sites to make sure that it was not a mistake and since every one of them said the same thing, i immediately posted it on my site.

Since i am a noob when it comes to these things, i researched a bit and found out that it PR is rated from 0-10 so the higher it is, the more popular your website is, so it means that i have more back links and  visitors than before which is really cool.

Now that i am seeing some of the fruits of my labor, i will work even harder this year so watch out blogging world. Here i come !


yuuki said...

invisible ka ba before? or use invisibility cloak?

kidding aside, congrats and continue to strive goal PR2...then PR3 and so on...

Grampy said...

Good Job. Keep it up.

aya said...

@ yuuki

ahahhaa di naman pero ibig lang sabihin nun may iba ng nakakalam ng site ko heheheh

@ grampy

Thanks very much :)

Dhemz said...

congrats dear...gosh, my blog is now PR2 to PR3...then PRO now is NA....what in the!

congrats again..way to go!

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