Thursday, March 25, 2010

Writing on autopilot

Hi guys I can barely keep my eyes open while I am writing this blog post.You see I woke up very early because I was scheduled to be interviewed by 9am at East Tektite Bldg.I have allotted at least 2 hours of travelling time just so I can get there early. 

The line at the MRT is so darn long and so is the walk to the building so by the time I got there,I was sweating off my powder and I looked so haggard.To make things complete I was handed 5 pages full of complete the sentence type of test, 2 situational questions and an essay composing of 100 pages which includes my work experience, my weak and strong points plus my future plans. 

Whew, the interview didn't last long though because the salary they offered is so low and from what the HR told me, the position is for fresh graduates and the salary that I am asking belongs to a supervisor already gulp.So she just said that she will contact me when there are other openings that might offer a higher salary. 

Anyways I have to wake up early tomorrow since I have another interview this time in Makati.It is a non agent position so I don't know maybe they can afford my salary range and hopefully I'll have a permanent job whichever comes first. 

I'll be logging off for now since I have to print my resume, decide what to wear and hopefully sleep early so I can get my much needed zzzzz. no insomnia for me at this time. 

I'll let you know how it goes. :P


yuuki said...

goodluck on ur job hunt!

aya said...

chalamat hehhhe

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