Friday, March 19, 2010

Better than Neobux!

Remember that I've told you that I'm addicted to PTC sites.Well I've discovered a new site that pays instantly and I don't need a lot of referrals to reach the minimum amount.They have at least 12 ads everyday that you can click on.I just reached my payout earlier and when I cash out, I received it after a couple of minutes.

No waiting for 30 days or waiting for the server time to be 00:00 which is 6:00 am here. This is a new site by the way and since I didn't invest anything on it, I decided to give it a try. I told my boyfriend about this site and he is also on his way to reaching the payout of $2.00. I just hope that this site will here permamently because this is the first site that offers a lot of ads in a day.


Anonymous said...

wow! gagabux. I gotta try this one. I saw their banner before but I thought it was a scam or something because of their name "GAGABUX". LOL..

And because the title said it all, you covinced me.. hehe..

BTW, I am a newbie when it comes to PTC sites. But i know that I will get used to it after a week or two right...=)

Deejgeek of

aya said...

cool yeah I know the name is kinda weird but at least it pays.The site is new so don't invest anything :)Just click click click

You'll get used to it and learn the ropes.Happy clicking :)

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