Friday, March 12, 2010

New Moon

Hi guys I am back.As I've said I was ecstatic to have my own copy of New Moon so I can see  if it is better than Twilight. What I can say is that it improved somewhat but it's still boring.Maybe it's because I don't like the actors to begin with and maybe it's because I keep on comparing the movie  to the book. 

What I did like on the movie are the following.

The special effects for the wolves are outstanding.Their movements looked natural and the way the wolf version of Jacob looked sad when Bella said she still chooses to be with Edward made me sad as well.The transformation from being human to a wolf is not sloppy and they didn't look cheap either. 

They used some of the lines from the Book itself.I don't like it when they improvise or create scenes that didn't happen because there are a lot of material to work with in the first place. 

I like their interpretation of Bella hearing Edward's voice when she is doing reckless things.It shows that they are thinking out of box and their efforts looks great on those scenes. 

The eclipse is coming next and though I was disappointed on the two movies, I will still try to watch it and check if they did a good job. 

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