Sunday, March 14, 2010

Alice In Wonderland

I just watched Alice In Wonderland and what can I say Johnny Depp did it again.His performance as the Mad Hatter is outstanding.It's like he was born a chameleon,bringing every character to life and in turn make us believe everything as if its real.

He is the only actor that I can think of who can play any weird character and make it as his own. I can't imagine the likes of Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt donning the same kind of make up and pulling off a believable act like he does.

Anyways, the movie does not have that wow factor but it did  manage to tickle my fantasy and kept my eyes glued on the screen. My knowledge of the story was limited to Alice being a child so I would  assume that this may be the sequel of that story.It reminded me vaguely of the other Movies just like Chronicles of Narnia who brought back the Kings and Queen so they can be saved from the tyrants.

I love how they managed to think out of the box with this one. The hilarity of the situation and how they attach a certain quirk on every character making them stand out on their own is impressive. The Cheshire cat was brilliantly done and everything about it from the way he talks,vanishes and it's weird sarcastic humor was like from what I've seen from the animation.

The cards were given a new identity on this movie and they appeared to be a legit and formidable force to be reckon with because of their armor.However they did have their old flaw,falling like dominoes.

All in all the movie was entertaining and I won't hesitate to recommend it. The actors and  actresses who took part in this made everything real and believable.The story from which it originated may be aimed for children but they certainly widen the audience by giving us another glimpse of the characters and how they have grown.

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