Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Biggest Loser Asia

I was surfing on the net earlier when my boyfriend asked me to search for the winner of the Biggest Loser Asian Edition.I was able to see some episodes of the US version though and for me the transformation of those who joined were really amazing.For me regardless if they win or not, they still made something out of it.They were able to gain the life that was taken away from them when they gained those pounds and I think that is the best prize of all. 

My search brought me to a yahoo page that contained the profiles of the Winner David Gurnani.He is a 25 year old Indonesian salesman who decided to enter the show when he  tipped the scale at 157 kg. 

He was able to beat his contender by losing 83 kg which is more than half of his original weight when he joined. 

The second runner up is a Filipino named Carlo Miguel. It was reported that he too has a dramatic transformation on the show and took on a leadership role by defending and encouraging another Filipino to not give up. 

Congratulations Carlo and keep it up ! 


Alison said...

Oooh I didn't know they had Biggest Loser in other countries. Isn't it amazing how much they transform! Sometimes you can't even recognize them. :)

aya said...

Hi Alison

Yeah it is indeed amazing! I just don't like what happened to the champion.He looked like he dried or something.

Alison said...

Lol. Sometimes they do look a little odd after they lost all that weight.

aya said...

Yeah I was talking to my boyfriend and I mentioned to him that the champion looked like he was kidnapped for a couple of months and was set free. He did agree with me when he saw the picture lol.

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