Thursday, March 04, 2010

Addicted to PTC sites

I was a noob when I started way back but then I developed a liking to PTC sites. For one it is easy to do and since there are times that I am bored, why not click some ads. I was paid by some and now I am itching to get my hands on other PTC sites that are legit and paying.

Neobux ,Upbux and Orangebiz paid me before but then again Upbux encountered a problem with Paypal.Eventually their site went down and left a couple of clickers disappointed. On Neobux, I was nearing my 2nd pay out when my boyfriend asked me to click his ads for him,the next day we found our accounts suspended because it is not allowed to use two accounts on one i.p address. Oh well I should have seen that coming since I vaguely remembered their TOS saying something like that.

I haven't had any problems with Orangebizs because they paid me once and I might cash out again once I've earned more than a cent from them.Right now I am concerned with my Palmbux account because i have to awake by 6 am just so I can cash out my $2.00. I can't even get up that early plus my dad might kill me if I try to be online that early so I guess my $2.00 will stay with them.

Since two of my PTC sites are giving me problems right now, i searched and joined incrase bux and jphf bux.I found good reviews for both sites and decided to give it a try. Hopefully they wont give me any problems and won't ask me to wake up so early to cash out. I'm still looking for other PTC sites that I can try since I have so many dead times here.


3quinze said...

hello im a portuguese boy and i also have ptc sites to click in my blog there are some of them
but the best for me is neobux
if you want to see go to:

good luck with your ptc sites
if you want i can be your referido

nv said...

I used to have plenty of PTC sites that I frequent on a daily basis until I gave up most of them due to non-paying or low payout. I only have neobux.

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