Monday, March 08, 2010

On to the next show

After a couple of months of being a bum, I decided to make an effort to apply for a permanent job.Sure I am making some when I am here online but I think it would be much better if I have a stable income that I can expect every month. 

I woke up to a  sound of my phone ringing earlier,turns out she was from a call center that I have applied last friday. She said she was eager to call me because she found my resume to be diverse and interesting.Well that sure woke me up a bit and even though I am barely awake, I managed to answer all her questions about my previous job,my background and what I would want in a company. 

She asked me to come for an excel test and though I was reluctant, I agreed. Turns out the test is about making a  report.The content of that report is familiar to me because those are the very things that I have been looking at for the past 2 years and 8 months at my previous company.However what shook me  is that I wasn't able to make my own formula, the instructions were there, the hints are also there screaming at my face.It took me a while to get it all together and right where I thought I made it, the excel closed.I exceeded the 25 minute limit. 

Whatever confidence that is on my body at  that time was drained.The test was not finished and though the HR was sympathetic and gave me a thumbs up, there is no assurance that I will pass. On to the next show...

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