Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Isnt it Ironic

Just finished my interview earlier and I'm not sure if it's successful or not. Based on what the HR told me, I was not able to pass the qualification of the original job I was applying to and she mentioned that there currently have an opening for two jobs. She asked me which one i would want and I think I made a mistake on choosing. I'm hoping I can be considered for the the more challenging part when I get the chance to talk to the Hiring Manager either this week or next week. 

While I was in the area, I got the chance to meet my previous officemates and I was kinda shocked on what to come.Of course I expected it to happen sooner or later but what surprised me is their choice to not pursue something that is somewhat closer to what they were doing. If I were in that position I would immediately say yes but that's just me.For me I would be lucky if I get a job like that again but the chances of that happening is a million to one.

It's really ironic ,I would want to get a  job that would let me learn new things and I don't understand how someone can say no to that ...It doesn't make any sense at all..

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