Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Generation Me

I am currently subscribed to a newsletter called iheartdaily.com and it is interesting to find this letter at a time like this. This is what it says.

If you were born between 1982 and 1999, you are part of Generation Me... and you've gotten a bum rap.

As the name indicates, Generation Me has the reputation of being a bunch of entitled, lazy, self-centered youth (yes, this is what people are saying about you). But a 
new study reveals you're no more self-centered than teens were 30 years ago!

Questions given to more than 477,000 high school seniors from the years 1976-2006 prove that teens today are no different than they were a few decades ago. However, it did show some disparities -- the current generation is more comfortable with race relations and more informed about social issues like hunger, poverty and energy shortages. Also, you guys have higher educational expectations. Huzzah!

So where is this bad reputation coming from? Well, just like parents thought Elvis Presley's 
hip swiveling was scandalous, and long-hairedhippies were counter-culture nut jobs, every generation sees the next as different... and in Generation Me's case, different sounds pretty good!

Now isn't that interesting hehehhe

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