Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Tips on buying Second hand cars

Second hand things sold for half their original price is all the rage today.Due to recession, most have taken an interest on these things in an effort to save money without sacrificing their need. There are a lot of reports of someone being tricked because of their love for a great bargain however it doesn't stop everyone from claiming their share of great finds. 

Cars are not spared from this rage and i have often seen an ad that involves second hand  Ford Escort or Honda Civics being sold nearly half of their original price.Now from the prospect of bargain hunters this may sound like a pretty good deal since a car is being sold for less than what its really worth,however from the looks of things this may be a scam from the start.

If you are interested on buying second hand cars,here are some of the things that should be kept in mind to avoid being scammed.

 First off, further information should be  provided on ads such as  the date when the car was bought, the current state it is in right now and the parts that have been replaced  over time so that the owners can anticipate how much mileage he can get from the car.

The owner should be open to the idea of the car being checked by a mechanic before the purchase.There can be any number of things wrong with a car that will not manifest itself when doing a test drive or a quick  look on the hood such as a broken timing belt .It can leave you stranded on the road when you least expect it so it is best that this is replaced so as not to cause further damage on the engine. 

Be very meticulous when it comes to checking the car yourself, check for any signs of bumps or mismatched color  that indicate that the car was in a wreck before.Make sure that everything is in order and working properly.The seats, brakes and the water pump should not be worn out and in good condition. The odometer should also reflect the correct information and was not tampered with or rolled back. 

Be knowledgeable on the type of car that you have in mind.Research for the one that fits your lifestyle and will give you the greatest mileage at the fraction of a price.Knowing what you want will make the dealer think twice on tricking you. 

Compare prices.Go to other shops and ask for the best deals they have.The offer given to you by the first shop may be nothing compared to what the others can offer you. Do not be hasty and don't leave them the impression that you are after one car only. It will give them enough leverage to force you into an agreement that you may be sorry for in the near future. 

Finally, think a hundred times before committing to a deal. Make sure that what you are being offered is the best one out there because once you signed , there's no turning back.

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