Sunday, March 21, 2010

Coming this April

I have been waiting for a couple of new books to come out and I know what you are thinking,more vampires.Yeah I guess you could call that I'm addicted to it right now but till I find another genre then I'll stick with my vampires. 
These are some of the books that will be coming out this April. 

The book has been released but I am waiting for the paperback version of this book so I can read what had happened to Sookie.I have  already finished All Together Dead and I can't buy the hardcover version because it is so expensive. Based on Amazon, the paperback version of this will be released on April 7,2010. 
This is latest installment for the House of Night Novel.Based on the cover I think this will be one hell of a book since the last one has so many things going on.My officemate didn't like this one bit because the story seemed  too slow for her but for me,this is a series that is well worth your time. There  are a lot of twist and turns and they have made vampires look regal by being able to go to the sun and having really intricate tattoos every time they gain a new ability. The hard cover  is set to be released on April 27,2010.No updates when the paperback version will be available. 

Now this title really caught my interest.The Morganville Vampire Series is so very different from the other series because there is not much of a romance going on here.However it compensates with thrilling scenes and a lot of interesting plots that will leave you at the end of your seat. I can't wait to get my hands on this and good thing that they are releasing it as a paperback version on April 27,2010.  

Can't wait for April to come so I can feast my eyes on these books.Too bad I still don't have the job to sustain all of my cravings for a good read.Oh well...


yuuki said...

i'll check the other 2 books...

JAS said...

Oh I can't wait for April as well. I just finished reading all the Morganville Vampire series and really looking forward to the next book. I also enjoy the Sookie Stackhouse books. Oh April will be good.

aya said...

Yep it will be really really good there are other books that will available by May but it is far too long so I just concentrate on the ones coming in April :P

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