Thursday, November 03, 2011

Groupons, Online deals etc

You probably have noticed the rise of online sites featuring vouchers for various gadgets,tickets and services. Cashcashpinoy, dealdozen, Megadeals to name a few are some of the sites that are really popular today. I am not sure who was the genius behind this or when it started but then again I just woke up ( not literally though)that they are all over the place.

To clarify, I am not endorsing any of them. The last time that I have tried availing one of the vouchers offered there was a couple of months ago and I didn't regret it. Up until now, I still go to the place that I have discovered because of that site.

Some of the advantages of looking into the sites are the following 

  • Discounts--Most of them have discounts up until 80% for services,gadgets and vacation  packages.Now who could resist those things right?
  • Discover new places to explore,shop or eat at ---- if you're a KFC fan (ehem!) and is on the verge of growing your own set of chicken wings at your back, then you can have the capability to now try new restos, or if you always shop at the Jag store then you can now try going to Levis :)
  • Save and Splurge at the same time-- I know it's ironic to find those two words together but then again if your usual facial ranges from 400 to 500 and you can get it for half the price then you are successful  on this one :)

If there are good things then to be fair, I will also need to explain the disadvantages just so you know what you're getting into LOL

  • Budget for the week/month/year will be ruined----if it's not planned and it's just something you wanted to try out of the blue then you may end up spending the cash that you have allotted for next week thereby making you financially crippled for some time.
  • It might not be worth it after  all-- If you have been lured there by the pics and testimonials only to find out it's far from what it says on the site. You have just been duped girl and no money back service as well if you are not satisfied. You bought it and paid for it so it's a done deal.
So now that I have explained the good and the bad side of those sites. What I can say is that take advantage of the discounts that you can fit on your budget.Be very wise on choosing which deal you think is worth it. If it's something that is renowned to have good feedback from regular cust then go ahead and avail it.If you have your doubts and the deal seems too good to be true then research research and research.

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Jose Sta Cruz said...

online deals are really great esp when theyy come with great discounts,

online deals

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