Friday, November 04, 2011

Off to read

Just got my November issues for Women's Health and Cosmo and I am loving the articles that they have.
I have been collecting Cosmo since 2000 so you could imagine how many of these babies I have in my closet. To answer your question, too many to count so I gave the oldest issues away to my  neighbors.

Loving their article about jeans and since my black one just gave out, now I know what to shop for and what to pair them with :)

Haven't read all of the articles yet since I was distracted by the jeans section that they have showcased.

This is the other magazine that I got hooked on.I have started to collect them last 2009 because I wanted to modify my lifestyle into something healthier.Friends always tease me about being diet conscious or something to that effect. But then again it doesn't hurt to be cautious on what to eat and to make sure that we try to exercise as much as we can. After all we are not getting any younger so might as well change for the better before it's too late.

I was intrigued on their article on how I can lose 5, 10,5 or 20 pounds and now I am thinking when I can do the exercises that are illustrated. Some looks easy enough while some looks ummm challenging.

I'll be reading them now after this post since I have just  skimmed sections of it while I was in the office. So see yah tomorrow!

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