Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Craving for Spicy Buffalo Chicken Wings

I am a chickenarian (someone who never gets tired of eating chicken dishes) so if you have been known me for quite some time, it is but normal for me to crave it everyday. I have been browsing earlier looking for something worth while to read when I came across this 

 To think that I just promised myself that I'll go on a diet. Tsk tsk bad internet! 
Anyways since we are talking about this particular dish. I researched this yummy treat and found out that this originated from Buffalo New York. This is usually the wing part of the chicken that is fried with out any breading and then coated with  a vinegar-based cayenne hot pepper sauce  plus butter.Traditionally it is served with celery sticks plus blue cheese or ranch dressing. 

                 Haven't seen any celery sticks on Shakey's when we tried out their version of this sumptuous treat but they do have the blue cheese dressing where we can dip these in.Though I wasn't that impressed when i first tried it , I'll cross my fingers and hope that the next restaurant serving buffalo wings will change my mind and make this next in line to my all time favorite KFC . 

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