Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hoping against Hope

Earlier , I was able to chat with the owner of the multiply site where I ordered my contact lens. I was really furious that she kept on deleting my comments on her page and then posting a Pre Christmas promo that she is organizing .She sent in a friend request and then told me what happened to our orders.She apologized and said that  the package is already here in Manila and it was detained in customs. 

She informed me that she sent in text messages to those who ordered from her about her current situation.When I told her that I did not receive any text from her, she asked me to send her a text message which I did. She also said that she replied to all of our messages on Multiply but again when I checked, there was none. I gave her my multiply id and the date when I last messaged her so she can check for herself but after waiting for a few minutes of waiting. She logged off on FB.

I am not sure if I should still hope that I would be getting my order but I appreciate that she explained what is happening to our order.What I don't understand and what pissed me off even more is her habit of deleting comments from customers asking for updates.There are some inconsistencies on her story but I can only wait if what she is claiming is true or not. Will probably wait until this month and if she fails to update us again then there is no other choice left but to report her to the bank and to the groups that she belongs to just so everyone will exercise caution when buying online. 

Lesson learned, regardless if their account is premium or not. We should always be extra careful when it comes to buying things online because there is always a chance that they will turn fraud. :(

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