Tuesday, November 08, 2011

stressed=cracked nail polish

Now I know why they call it Manic Monday.Whew. Had to do reports while answering email asking for password resets and clients asking me to double check the data for last weeks reports. To top it all off, the most important report that I would need to complete was not done because the data I need is not yet available. 

So I was able to leave the office an hour after my log out time. While I was near my place, I chanced upon our local store selling nail polish. Cracked Nail polishes to be exact. I have been wanting one for a long time now and since I am not in the mood to stay up late so that I can pay my purchases at the bank, I bought two colors, orange ( more like pale orange) and baby pink. 

I tested it out and this is what it kinda looks like although I didn't use a base so it kinda just looks like your regular baby pink polish that I didn't do correctly LOL. I was so excited to see it cracked so I lack the usual patience I have.

I browsed online and saw a lot of variations so maybe i'll try it out next time with silver, black or white. Will take a picture of it when I have all those colors. 

For now , I have to go to sleep. See yah! :)

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