Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Much ado about tickers and dermas

I just logged in on my facebook after mindlessly reading about facials, derma rollers etc when I saw those horrible tickers, you know those live updates that is posting real time updates of your friends so if you have 1000 plus go figure. I thought I had those disabled when I switched my main language into Filipino but then again maybe I am their first guinea pig for the return of those pesky things. 

I am also reading about dermas since my face is one big oil mine for the past few days. I am intrigued to consult either the infamous Dr.SixF or the budget friendly derma from  Tiende named Dr. Leah. The feedbacks were really enticing because they talk on how their faces improved with the meds and the treatments plus their oiliness have dropped dramatically. My only worry is the pricking part, I scar easily so I don't want those almost invisible marks to be visible and to double up which will lead to another problem. 

I'm thinking of going back to Clarity since the staff there are really friendly. I was suppose to have a diamond peel there last week end but was postponed due to several active pimples and when I gave in to the free consultation, they prescribed some meds like benzoyle peroxide facial wash plus toners, sunblock and something to put on my pimples. The derma didn't even ask about my skin type just what i used on my face. The part that I didn't like. There might be a purging stage when I use those meds.I don't want to go through that again so for now I'll just keep my usual regime plus order my usual gluta from my suking beauty seller :P

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