Thursday, November 24, 2011

DIY Trim and Haircut

I am not a fan of haircut and if split ends does not exist then my hair would have been floor length just like Rapunzel by now only it does not have healing powers nor does it glow in the dark. The reason being is that I always ended up looking like some hair cutters guinea pig right at the time that my picture needs to be taken for graduation. 

Since I have made it known that I am online shopper and a fan of DIY, I was so happy that there is someone who is genius enough to invent something that can be used to cut layers on hair without going to a salon. They called it crea clip and  so far I only saw one store selling this. I immediately ordered one and watch the instructional videos posted on the website so I can test if I it easy as they made it look. 

It wasn't but I was able to cut my hair the way I wanted, with layers framing the face and the back was cut v shaped. Now I don't  have to go salons and explain the haircut that I wanted.I can just do it at home yipeeee!

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Anonymous said...

hi. may i know where did you buy the crea clip here in the philippines? thank you! :)

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