Wednesday, November 09, 2011

New Yoga book

During one of our skype sessions with my mom. She showed us a yoga book that she ordered and I was ecstatic because the book is currently on my "wishlist". It was Tara Stiles's book Slim Calm Sexy Yoga, since I want to be slim, sexy(rawr!) and calm then I figured that this would really help me without resorting to diet pills and starving myself to death. 

I have found some pictures showing some of the chapters included on this book and I am satisfied to see that she has included basic poses and some variations to those to maximize the benefits that the reader can get. 

In this picture she shows a variation to the usual downward dog position that makes use of the core. I would imagine that the variation done will help tone the arms and legs since not only will you use your core to maintain the position, you will also need to straighten your legs.  

The standing leg extension will require utmost concentration and also helps strengthen your leg muscles but with the added twist on the variation,this may also help burn fats around the waist. 

When I searched this book on Amazon, it has a whooping 52 reviews and has been rated 5 stars by those who bought the book together with her dvds. If this chapter is as good as the other sections of the book then I could very much understand why it was such a hit. This will help me out a great deal on my yoga classes and I can now try to practice on my own with this as my reference. Now if only my mom would remember to order this one for me as a Christmas present :P

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