Sunday, November 06, 2011

Practicing Yoga

I have been dying (not literally though) to try Yoga  for quite some time  so when I saw a coupon for 150 pesos session a couple of months ago, I bought 4 coupons to try it out and was hooked! I have just finished a class card meaning 12 sessions and will begin a new class card next week.

These are some of the positions that we are doing in class. It doesn't include the back bending and the more challenging ones but then again the posters I found online does not match what we are doing.

When I first started, I haven't been able to do most of properly. I did shortcuts and couldn't concentrate on holding a position for long. Now I can say that I can hold a position as long as I clear my mind of everything and just be aware of what I am doing. What I can't do though is a head stand

The last session I have, our instructor had us try the head stand once again. It was hard and I have this annoying tendency to lean too much and put my chest out too much. I'll try to do it better next time and hopefully I can hold it long enough.

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